Monday, September 01, 2008

How dumb do they think we are?

The GOP desperately wants to woo those women voters. The moms concerned about their children and their futures. So they picked a female VP to run with ancient McCain. Palin, a mother of 5 children who should know about what it is like to be a mother & woman. She's got 1 child still in diapers and her oldest is pregnant with the next generation. I guess that Abstinence Only Education worked - Thanks Bush! But she will marry the father... I with the young couple truckloads of luck, they will need it. Do you think it will be weird for the child to have an uncle one grade level above it in school?

Really, could this woman be any farther from Hilary Clinton? She's conservative. She abhors a woman's right to choose. She's down for drilling in the arctic wilderness and raping our environment with no thought of leaving a bountiful world for all of her children. She's a right-wing wack job.

It amazes me. They insult us while trying to woo us. How much more clear do they make it? The Republican Party is not a place for women.

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Blue in Bristol said...

I am agog. Is this woman FOR REAL. Surely not?.. can you imagine what would happen if this woman, who only 2 years ago was mayor of Wasilla, pop. 8000 got to be fucking President because McCain has a stroke? It just doesn't bear thinking about...