Thursday, September 11, 2008

Slideboxx or I have really cool friends

I loved working at Sunesis. Almost all (there were a few exceptions) were remarkably smart, driven and all around good. I miss working with them.

One of them, my former manager, Charles Wolfus, developed (with some geeky help from another Sunite) Slideboxx - I have to say I was a bit skeptical about it, but there is a free trial, so to humor Charles, I downloaded it.

It rocks! I point it at my presentations folder and I then have thumbnails of all the slides in all the presentations. We've all done it - we have a specific slide that gets altered just a wee bit and we want a specific version and to find it involves opening 3-10 different presentations. Now, I can just scan through the thumbnails, then click & drag it to the other window, where I build my new presentation. SO COOL!!

I have to say, try it! Even if you're not a big presenter (I'm not), it really saves time.
Just to make it easy for you...Download

Now, I am just amazed that someone I know came up with this! Its like knowing someone who invents something fantastic and usable... like, say um, the toaster. That analogy isn't working out well.
Anyway, keep it up fine friends! I enjoy greatness by association.

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cwolfus said...

Jen, you're far too generous but the complements are greatly appreciated.

I never thought helping people find slides would be likened to toasting bread, but it appears I'm in good company...