Friday, April 27, 2007


Just outside my cube is some propoganda. It reads, "Everything you can imagine is real" - Pablo Picasso.

Does that mean I have such a limited imagination that I can only imagine what is already in this world? Or does it mean that this world is bigger and more vast and fuller? Or does it mean that if I imagine something it becomes real?

I'm not sure if it is uplifting or depressing. It discourages me from being inventive, as I both fear bringing my imagined thoughts into reality and am discouraged that they could already be real.

After thoughts like those, my 5 sheet 50 line quotes seem almost up-lifting.

Thursday, April 19, 2007

Blessing Counting - Self-indulgent Drivel

A year ago I was on the road, driving from Los Angeles out to Texas. The images of that trip, the stark mountains, hiking in White Sands National Monument and doing a lap around one of the mittens in Monument Valley - it all burns brightly in my head. It was the start of several months of travel, most of it on my own. The departure point was a point of unhappiness - ending a major relationship, leaving a unsatisfactory job and throwing the map I had plotted of my future.

About two weeks before I left I met Greg. Somehow he stuck with me through the travels, was there to help me with moves and changes physical and mental. So I've been thinking of how lucky I am. I read a fantastic book about becoming an optimist and training one's mind to be happy. Today, with my dark mood - nothing like wanting to be out on the open road alone, yet stuck in a cube with a split keyboard - I am trying to count blessing.
1. I'm in a supportive, happy relationship with Greg
2. That I love where I live - the city, near friends & family
3. I like my job - even with some of the recent hiccups.
There are so many more. I'll keep counting and doing quotes and making calls on the side.
I'm feeling better already - even if I'm not on a plane to Hong Kong, Scotland, Cape Cod or Hawaii.

Friday, April 13, 2007

On the Road Again

About this time last year I posted about buying my tickets to China. Yesterday I bought my tickets to Europe. I know, not the big adventures of last year (I am employed this round and can't take 4 months off), but this should still be fun. I haven't been back since 2001. I'm heading off to Bristol to visit with Bristol Girl and then down to Italy to visit with the family I used to live with. Should be good.

I miss the desert. It is coming up on a year since I was out exploring the barren rocks and hills of the Southwest. Such a magical place. I'll have to make due with the old world.

This trip should be fun. I'll be flying alone as this isn't a good time for Greg to travel. Which is too bad, but I'm sure I'll manage. I'll be trying Easy Jet for the 1st time and will have more time to practice cooking with my Italian Mam ma while in Florence. Should be fun.

Good People

I have to share a short story with you. The other day I was at Costco over on 10th & Harrison. I got my goods (water & gum) and went out to my car. I loaded them up in Oola and got in the driver's seat. I pulled my keys out of my pocket and they slip out of my hand and between the seat and the console.

I try to get to the keys for 15 minutes. I accidentally lock the car while trying to grab them - better lock than set off the panic, eh? And finally give-up and decide to take a taxi home to get my 2nd set of keys. I go out to the street in a cloud of frustration and hail a cab. I tell the cabbie that I have to go home and get my keys and would he be willing to wait while I run in? He hears my lament of stuck keys and says to let him have a try.

Looking at the guy - he's probably in his late 50's and about my size - bald head buy energetic. He offers to try to get them himself and I say sure. I'd rather let him try and who knows what would happen. He goes to the car - everything is locked but the driver's side door. We open that and set off the alarm. I explain where the keys fell and he goes to town. The alarm stops after a minute and he gets out and says that it is impossible. My face falls and I resign myself to not having time to work out because I have to run all over town taking care of this. But then he says, "just kidding!" and hands me my keys.

I was so elated I almost hugged him. I paid for the fare & gave a $20 tip. Tears were in my eyes.

I was so wound up that I didn't get his name. But he made my day and I wish I could say thank you more than just a tip. He did a small miracle for me and turned my day around. Thank you Mr. Yellow Cab Driver!