Thursday, September 25, 2008

Living Fully

I went Super Camp when I was 15. One of the things I learned there, aside from taking notes in a graphic mode instead of outline, was to live fully. To do everything I do at 100%. If you're going to run, run to the best of your ability. If you're going to sing along to the radio, don't just sing, dance too. Don't hold back. Go all out.

Sounds easy, until fear creeps in. The standard FUD (Fear, Uncertainty & Doubt). "What will people think?" "Are you sure this is a good idea?" "Maybe I'm not good enough."

But then the other side counters with, "What is the worst that could happen? Really?" "What would you miss out on if you didn't?" "If you wait to be good/rich/prepared enough you'll never do it" And it gets easier to let go. Easier to be more daring. Easier to get off the couch and take action. Easier take the risk. Easier to say what one thinks. Easier to ask the hard questions.

We only get one go-around on this planet. Volunteer for that hard project. Take the trip you're thinking about. Have the kids (no, I'm not pregnant, sorry mom!).

Goodness, I sound like a self help book. I hope I help more than just myself.

In Defense of Brains

So, I hear people calling Obama an Elitist. And I can't get it. Doesn't Elite mean, Highest Caliber? The Top Quality? Why is that a bad thing?
I want the best and the brightest running the government. I want thoughtful, knowledgeable and intelligent people running the government. I don't want those whose top quality is loyalty running the government.
It is clear that the McCain crew has no intention of changing the Bush ways. Palin wasn't even able to finish school in a normal amount of time. What is her track record? Raising local taxes. Getting HUGE earmarks for her small town. Doing her best to restrict access to information.
Now, if one has a choice, wouldn't he/she want to go to the best doctor? Wouldn't one take their car to the most capable mechanic? Why would it be OK for the government to be different?
I am in favor of the elite. I'm in favor of the smart running the government. I'm in favor of those with education finding solutions to the credit crisis. I not in favor of CEO's in charge of energy companies writing our energy policy to line their pockets. I'm not in favor of Bank Presidents getting billion dollar bail outs to solve the crisis they created.

Monday, September 22, 2008

Morning Mile

I'd like to say that Tsunami and I like to go for morning walks, but that would be a lie. Tsunami tolerates her morning walk as she knows that she'll get food at the end. I, on the other hand, get up for work an extra 1/2 hour early so that I can take a break at sunrise to go for a walk. All in the name of quality dog parenting.

The middle of summer was my favorite time to walk in the morning. In June, the sun rises before 6 AM. The Embarcadero is still asleep. Only the construction workers on their way to the Infinity are about, parking & walking with their lunch boxes to the site.

While the sky changes in the east, highlighting the eastern hills. The bridge lights stay on, but fade against the imposing outline of the bridge. Those living on the street can be found still dozing or break down their night encampment. I find it surprising how early the homeless are in the sleeping bags and how early they are up; much more in rhythm with the day.

We walk down to the ball park and back. The sun comes up. The sky's morning pastel hues turn to a pale blue. I return from my peace-seeking walk to feed the dog and answer missed calls.

Now, with sunrise closer to 7 am, there is more traffic. More people on the street, more cars making their way to the office. I forget that I don't have the street to my self, and only 1/2 way to Market street do I realize my pink, flannel PJ top could be visible under my partially zipped up coat. Summer in San Francisco and I stay warm on my morning walks with a calf length down coat. Living here does make one soft.

Talking with a friend about his home town of London. He said it was much like San Francisco - lots of culture and terrible weather. Funny, never thought if it that way.

Thursday, September 18, 2008

Tsunami Status

I think I want to start a new doggie owner support group, as I need to know that I'm not alone with the excessive doggie worries.
Tsunami is fine after the chocolate incident, except that she started this odd eating-wheezing thing. Sunday afternoon I had gone to my friend's house for dinner and it was a wee embarrassing. My friend does know about dogs - he has 2 boxers, yet when it came to doggie feeding hour and Tsunami starts to sound like she's dying, I have to say I was a little uncomfortable. Again, she seemed fine... except for this snort/wheeze noise. Such a small dog can make a big noise. I ignored it and hoped it would go away.
Unfortunately it didn't.
Monday morning I feed the doggie and the wheezing is worse. She kept having to stop eating to do the wheezing thing. Tears are coming to my eyes... I call the vet. She finishes her meal, comes over for some love (I am so well trained, she should be giving me the treats!) and then curls up in the doggie bed under my desk.
I take her to the vet only to learn that the wheezing is totally fine. When doggies toss their cookies, or as Sal cleverly noted, "Tsunami tossing her cookies is called a cyclone." Thank you Sal - when are you going to write that clever book? - digression!
Dogs can inflame their soft palette when they get ill and that was what happened to Tsuanmi. Nothing to be done, she's fine, she'll heal. Nearly $70 to learn that (and to get some heart worm medication for the pup).
Can I be a hypocondriac on my dog's behalf?

Sunday, September 14, 2008

Chocolate Blessings

When I got home last night, I found that Tsunami had consumed a full Dagoba chocolate bar (I only name the brand as I read a fascinating story of the founder of Dagoba in the New Yorker and feel so sophiticated when I consume his chocolate). We were careless and left it on the coffee table. Tsunami took it to task. I found the shredded remains of the wrapper on the couch.

Knowing that dogs and chocolate don't mix, I was terrified. Would she die? Would she be sick all night? I stayed up with her a bit - I think my anxiety was preventing me from slumber. She seemed normal, but a little energetic for 1 AM. I crashed on the couch to be near her. At 3:50 I wake up to what sounds like Tsunami eating. I knew she shouldn't be eating, this could only be something bad.

I look over the couch to see her licking up her vomit. She had tossed her cookies and was re-eating her evening snack. I stumbled to the sink, got one towel wet & soapy, the other just wet. By the time I got back to the couch, she had finished up all that had made it to the floor. I wiped down the couch, covered the couch with a sheet and tried to go back to sleep, hoping that would be the only incident.

7 AM and I'm awake again. Why? I check the vacinity for vomit - none, and try to go back to sleep. Tsunami wants none of it. She is running back & forth along the couch. It takes a bit, but finally pull my self together and decide I'm going to try to run the excess energy out of her. I tell my woes to a friend via email and learn that she's probably just hyped up on caffiene. She is. We did about 3 miles and she was still looking for wind sprints at the end of it all.

But we head south on the Embarcadero. The booths are just getting set up for the SF Block Party. I have to say - that was so cool!!!

The YMCA had a hula-hoop station as well as some work-out gear at the green near the ball park. The Delancy street folk were cooking up a BBQ. I kept walking down past the park, around the cove and found San Francisco Double Dutch teaching people how to jump rope. There was a solar powered DJ Station. Farther down there was more music and a place to rent skates & rollerblades.

People were everywhere - family, couples, singles. Everyone smiled and casually greeted others in passing. I help Tsunami so that kids & adults could pat her silky fur. There were roaming sound systems bringing tunes up & down the embarcadero.

The best part was that they had openned up PacBell Park - or whatever they are calling the stadium these days... and I went up via the back door, where one can observe the games at ground level. The nice lady said that my dog couldn't go out on the field, but she'd watch her so I could. I hesitated. I hate to leave Tsunami. But the pull of running the bases was just too great. I tied her up and ran out. I can't say what a rush it is to be out on the field. The stands were empty, but the vision of how it feels to have them filled and look up - I can only imagine. I started at 1st and did a fast run around - as if I had been on 1st and the guy behind me hit a double that I was going to make into an RBI. I ran fast - amusing the stadium watchers. They tried to get me to do a 2nd lap.

What a rush!! I'm still smiling.
I mostly tired out my pooch. I might have to take her out again and go North this time.

Thursday, September 11, 2008

Slideboxx or I have really cool friends

I loved working at Sunesis. Almost all (there were a few exceptions) were remarkably smart, driven and all around good. I miss working with them.

One of them, my former manager, Charles Wolfus, developed (with some geeky help from another Sunite) Slideboxx - I have to say I was a bit skeptical about it, but there is a free trial, so to humor Charles, I downloaded it.

It rocks! I point it at my presentations folder and I then have thumbnails of all the slides in all the presentations. We've all done it - we have a specific slide that gets altered just a wee bit and we want a specific version and to find it involves opening 3-10 different presentations. Now, I can just scan through the thumbnails, then click & drag it to the other window, where I build my new presentation. SO COOL!!

I have to say, try it! Even if you're not a big presenter (I'm not), it really saves time.
Just to make it easy for you...Download

Now, I am just amazed that someone I know came up with this! Its like knowing someone who invents something fantastic and usable... like, say um, the toaster. That analogy isn't working out well.
Anyway, keep it up fine friends! I enjoy greatness by association.

Monday, September 01, 2008

How dumb do they think we are?

The GOP desperately wants to woo those women voters. The moms concerned about their children and their futures. So they picked a female VP to run with ancient McCain. Palin, a mother of 5 children who should know about what it is like to be a mother & woman. She's got 1 child still in diapers and her oldest is pregnant with the next generation. I guess that Abstinence Only Education worked - Thanks Bush! But she will marry the father... I with the young couple truckloads of luck, they will need it. Do you think it will be weird for the child to have an uncle one grade level above it in school?

Really, could this woman be any farther from Hilary Clinton? She's conservative. She abhors a woman's right to choose. She's down for drilling in the arctic wilderness and raping our environment with no thought of leaving a bountiful world for all of her children. She's a right-wing wack job.

It amazes me. They insult us while trying to woo us. How much more clear do they make it? The Republican Party is not a place for women.