Thursday, November 11, 2010

Settling down again

Life seems to have slowed, finally. The house is settled. I'm pregnant. We have a plan for our wedding - I'll tell you about that in a week or so, once the details are worked out.
The last year happened behind closed doors. From the miscarriage back in March, which may have contributed to a depression in the following months (was reading about this the other day). It took 5 months for my body to recover which, doubtlessly taxed my emotions. Combining that with a job change that, while possibly being of more career advantage, diminished my happiness level. Hanging over my head the whole time was the, "are we moving or are we staying"?
All of it felt too personal to write about. It overshadowed my adventures such that I couldn't feel compelled to write about it.
In the end, things appear to be working out. I'm back in my old job, with added responsibilities and the coworkers I adore. Since we know we're staying in the house, I got 270 bulbs to plant in the garden this weekend. I've fallen in love with the comfort of maternity pants.
My home is happy. Marc takes good care of me. He's been nudging me to be more careful of what I eat while pregnant. I do push for my 5 servings of fruits & veggies, he's trying to keep the excess Halloween candy out of my grubby paws. Although we do have a standoff - he refuses the flu shot & I'm refusing to stop consuming all types of cheese (save queso fresco which has been clearly linked to Listeria infections).
With all these changes for the better, I hope to restart writing regularly again. No longer do I have anything to hide. Until I have the baby and do something like drop it or leave it unattended near an open power socket.