Tuesday, August 26, 2008


I was at a yoga thing on Saturday where the teacher was talking about our internal filters. Like when we want to buy a car, we have an idea of that car in our mind and then our brain starts to see them. We suddenly see all the silver BMW's or red Priuses or whatever it is we want. And then I was reading a quote about how most of us live in echo chambers.

Understandable, we watch things that we like. We read books that reinforce our vision of the world. And I was wondering how much do I live in that echo chamber. For my liberal self, San Francisco can be a glorious bubble. However, in an effort to grow and better see the world, getting out of the bubble and turning off my filters would be beneficial.

The book I was reading suggested that artists try a NASCAR event. I think I'll take Drag-Racing.
Nature lovers should try a city hike. It is almost hard for me to come up with ideas... I should try reading the Christian Science Monitor or Fox News. Oh that sounds dreadful - the Fox News Part at least.

Maybe I don't really like this idea. Much worse that eating one's brussel sprouts.

Tsunami Takes a Nap

Tsunami sleeping with abandon.

Monday, August 25, 2008

5 'stashios

I just got to my desk at the office to find 5 pistachios waiting for me. No note. Just five little guys hanging out.

I'm not sure how/why - I didn't see anyone enjoying pistachios on Friday. The could be 'stachio refugees. I should care for them, not eat them.

Thursday, August 21, 2008

Composting Blues

The bell has rung and I'm going on round 3 with the compost machine.

I think I wrote about the compost explosion. I got that all corrected - added the sawdust & fresh dirt (thanks Mom!). Everything was fine until I jammed the machine. Suddenly it went from a mixing session every couple hours to one ever 65 minutes then, to out-do itself (I think it got into the spirit of the Olympics) and upped the ante to non-stop mixing. I called & emailed Naturemill. I think they were having a bad week - but they've more than made up for it now. If nothing else, I expect they may give me a "Dedicated Composter of the Year" t-shirt.

While they didn't let me pick-up a fix from their office, they did get back to me and had a fix for the trap door in my hands in less than 24 hours. They also explained how to re-set the machine (unplug, press the OK button & then plug the power back in) and I got it back to normal functioning.

Unfortunately through all this I was utterly unable to control my composting urges (I am thinking I might need 2 of these suckers to keep pace with my biodegradable waste), as I kept adding material. I added baking soda and saw dust, but I think that with some of the fussing and the excessive additions, I might have freaked out the delicate microbes.

I've stunk up the apartment again. It makes me sad. However, I will persevere. Over my nose, I'll put a clothes pin and I will numb my senses with additions of red wine. In the end, I know I will conquer the compost. I will master the mulch!

I'm burning a sacred scented candle for good luck.

Monday, August 18, 2008


I woke up with songs in my head. Initially it was Estelle's This American Boy.
But that was superseded by the song from my dancing all night at illegal parties in SOMA warehouses - that would be before the stadium was built and the 'hood got gentrified and started to be called South. But this song, I can recall the refrain, and have no idea as to the name or artist. "Sunshine on a cloudy day... makes my soul" and then the lyrics get blurry - something about lift up and fly away - not sure and I have no glo-sticks to jar my memory.
It isn't the Temptations or Otis. Its acid jazz with a female vocalist. No one I am still in touch with from that scene remembers the song and I can't find anything on the web. It isn't this: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=KOTIb0KsbAg either.
So, I'm going to get that out of my head and play my other favorite from that time in my life, Future Sound of London's Papa New Guinea - a song that never fails to take me to a happy place.

Monday, August 11, 2008

Weekend of Fun

I headed south for the weekend, catching a Friday afternoon flight from SFO to Santa Ana. I hadn't been back to So Cal in nearly 2 years and it was quite a trip. Having flown into the LA area so many times, I really enjoyed my window seat facing East on the clear flight south. I could see the Channel Islands, Malibu and I smiled remembering the trip to Catalina Michael and I took with Steve and Kim, years ago.

But Steve picked me up at the airport and we went back to the house. Kim was there with little Audrey. Audrey was shy at first, but soon took to me. She even helped me unpack - as you can see.

Friday we got Sushi and watching the Olympic Opening Ceremony. Steve and I passed out on the couch by 11 pm. Kim, who had not enjoyed any of the wine, was mocking us the next day.

The next morning was a bit slow, we had coffee on the couch while catching up on what we missed having passed out so early the night before.

Saturday Kim & I headed for the Nail Salon - Happy Nail & Spa. They say they are going to have a salon up in SF before long. Yippee for me. They do a great job and aren't TOO expensive. The nice Vietnamese lady working on my manicure wasn't as impressed about the opening ceremony. I think there was a bit of Anti-Chinese sentiment among the salon workers.

Saturday afternoon we spent soaking up some sun at the pool. I had forgotten how nice the Southern eye candy can be. Men do take a little better care of themselves down there. The women, well, let's just say they appeared to have permanently equipped themselves with frontal flotation devices - for safety reasons, I'm sure.

Saturday night I had a BLAST making dinner for Kim & Steve (Audrey fell asleep before the meal was ready). I got some special wine - Barrel 37 Shirah or something and then made up the Coq au Vin recipe from Joy of Cooking. It was exceptional. I think they were tickled to have home cooking without effort.
Steve cleaning up from my cooking fun.
Sunday I helped Audrey with her nascent photography career. I've posted a collection of her early work here.

Steve & Kim are totally wonderful people. I'm so happy that they, and little Audrey, are part of my life. Thanks guys!

Saturday, August 09, 2008


I watched the opening of the Olympics and was stunned. Amazed. I saw things that I didn't think were possible. My words aren't suitable to describe the beauty and wonder of the show.
Kudos China!

Friday, August 08, 2008

Happiness Count Down

10. Farm Fresh to You delivered a pack of wonderful organic, local produce and I'm enjoying a breakfast of veggie stew. I wonder if Chef Jesse Minor would have a good recipe to share with me for next week's veggies... hmmm.

9. My composter doesn't stink. I gave some compost to mom and she gave me fresh dirt. Back to being environmentally friendly and having a happy house. But we did have some difficulty with the mixer - it got suck for a day and now it is mixing hourly instead of every couple hours and that it annoying.

8. I've got all my stuff washed & ready for my favorite Yoga class on Monday afternoon. I'd say who teaches & where, but the class already has too many devotees. I think it has to do with the instructor being hot - and not just physically, but mentally and stuff. And it is a great physical & mental workout too.

7. Tsunami is taking to her litter box. I don't have to walk her late night or 1st thing. I think she's glad too, as she knows she is supposed to pee on the grass, but hates it. She puts her little paws on the grass and keeps her back paws on the cement, and pees - which looks so funny. But isn't so funny when she pees and it pools and gets a back paw wet. Then she lifts up that paw and kinda wiggles it while peeing and keeping her little doggie balance.

6. Two Books: The Red Book & Pronia. (Thank you Mark for the reading list & Sera for writing) They fill my mind with beautiful ideas and help me dream bigger; shake lose of the stale mental habits.

5. I got on the scale and was down another pound since my last, "can the scale be right" weigh-in. I'm down to a BMI of 25! Wow. Is that one of those Stale Mental Habits - the desire to be thinner?

4. Today is the birthday of my good friend Hilary. Happy Birthday Hilary!!

3. My cousin Dania invited me for dinner. Yes Please! I'll be there on 8/13. Should I bring beer or wine? And let me know what time.

2. I'm heading to Newport Beach to hang out with Steve, Kimmy and Now Featuring Audrey! Two amazing, funny, interesting & wonderful people who like me As for the third, I haven't met Audrey yet, but I'm sure she will wow me with her awesomeness. Lucky me!

1. I finished my first 1/2 marathon in 2.5 hours - 6 minutes faster than my stretch goal of 12 minute miles. The runners high has yet to dissipate - I did something better than I imagined I could. Give me a mountain to climb - I'm ready!

Now let's all go out and have a fantastic weekend.

Thursday, August 07, 2008

Go Paris Go!

Now, living in a Blue State, I don't see too many McCain ads. He doesn't waste him money advertising in San Francisco.
So I read headlines about them on my Google News page - and only the headlines, as I'm sure we'll be seeing many accusations and insults hurled from both sides. I did find it odd that McCain was calling Obama a celebrity. Is John McCain trying to say he's not so well known that he can't be considered famous? What is he going to say next, "Obama's just a web presence" - oh wait, McCain wouldn't know, as he can't figure out how to get on to the internet.
But I did see this response from Paris:
Which was utterly fantastic. Funny and real. How great would it be if she started a regular campaign? What a breath of fresh air! We could see her response to the issues we care about and target McCain directly. If a "I'm Hot" young woman could take down the heir to the BushCo board, I think many youth would be much more interested in politics.