Friday, October 20, 2006

This puts Gavin's preference for bimbos in perspective...

So we all know about how Ehud Olmert, the Israeli Prime Minister, has been accused of sexual assault by 10 women. That is unfortunate. But it only caused Ehud to rise in Vladimir Putin's. Vlad commented, "He turned out to be a strong man, raped 10 women,". It is so amazingly terrible, I can only laugh... And then work on figuring out how to over-throw the Russian government.
They are trying to spin it, but it is difficult...,,1927726,00.html

But then it only gets better...
Out here in California it seems that the Republicans have requested that one of their candidates pull out of a race. His staff sent a letter to Hispanic voters threatening them with jail if they went to the polls.

Do only idiots run for office? Though I am developing a theory about men who are interested in holding public office. I'm nearly convinced that something in the genes of men who seek power is also a trigger for sexual domination as well. My beloved Clinton - total slut, Foley - pedophile, Ehud - rapist, Vlad - well, we don't yet know, or they might kill us if we find out... the list is long.

Monday, October 16, 2006

Gavin's New Girlfriend?

I had so much respect for Gavin... but now, that's all going away. Granted I have been involved with men 10 years my senior, but 20? or 19? Wait, that's both her age and the difference in their ages. Gross. Now, she may be an intellectual giant, but how many giants make a living via modeling and hostessing?

Poof. I am seriously considering not voting for him. If he can be satisfied by a woman 1/2 his age, then I'm not sure he's qualified for running my city.

Wednesday, October 11, 2006

The Plague Never Ends

I've had a cold for 12 days now. My abs will soon be rock hard from all the coughing I've done. My nose is raw from being rubbed and blown. When will it end? I don't feel better knowing that others have had the same thing - this 2 week cold. The cough medicine isn't doing that much.

All that and I'm still at work. I just love my new job. The work, the people, the product. All very, very good. I'm not making all the calls I should as my voice cracks and fades at odd times, but I am doing administrative and organizing work that will make the coming months easier. I had it almost right at my last two jobs... at one I liked the work, but not the employer, at the other I liked the employer, but not the work. Now I've finally got it all lined up.

On another note - I got a good laugh listening to "As It Happens" yesterday. (I believe it was, but am not sure which hostess) Barbara Budd was interviewing Wisconsin Congressman Frank Lasee about his proposal to put guns in schools. You see, he thinks that we've had enough school shootings and the best way to stop this is by putting guns in schools. His aim is to put fear into those suicidal gun men. Amazing. As if the wackos that hole themselves up in schools are going to stop and say, "You know, that school is armed, I want to be sure that I'm the one who kills both me and other students... not that teacher. Better rethink this." Crazy.

Tuesday, October 10, 2006

Foley follies

Watching the Foley circus is almost as entertaining as Jackass Two. But not quite. Jackass has men doing really stupid things that hurt them in the end. Hmm, so does the Foley scandal:
Hastert vows to fire anyone involved in the cover up of this scandal - will that include him if or when it is revealed that he was aware of the situation?
Where's my bookie. I'd like to place a bet on whether Hastert will be implicated. This is a tough one. I really, really want to see him, as well as several other republicans, go down - but realistically? Hmm.
Which is more believable:
The Republicans truly believing that Saddam had WMD's or
The Republicans not knowing that they had a pedophile on their hands?
Either way, they are either dumb or misleading.

Wednesday, October 04, 2006

Giving 100%

Greg was a total doll and surprised me with tickets to the Giants - Dodgers game this weekend. I was thrilled, but got sick on Saturday, so missed that game - but he had tickets for both games, so we went on Sunday. The seats were 10 rows back from 3rd base and I was tickled.

I've always been told of the Dodgers' evil nature and was amazed to see so many Giants and Dodgers fans co-existing peacefully. The last Dodgers/Giants game I saw was in Los Angeles and there were 2 or 3 brawls within 10 rows of where we were... so I assumed that these natural enemies would naturally erupt into fits of aggression. But no - there were no problems.

At the same time, I was floored at the sheer amount of blue I saw and how the Dodgers fans were so bold as to get cheers going. To me it is all fun, the fans and the cheering and the energy.

There was one thing I was very sad about... the Giants infield. Now, I'm not a baseball expert or even close, but my amateur eye was shocked at the lack of hustle that the infielders displayed. A couple times it seemed as if they just watched the grounder bounce past them and into the outfield. On so many levels, I find this appalling. There are kids watching and the players should at least be good examples while on the field. And then it is also repugnant to think that these guys are earning more in 1 game than I earn in an entire year, yet they don't feel the urge to put on a good show. Beyond everything else, where is the pride of doing something right, of giving 100%, not doing things half-assed? Barry Bonds was doing some good running - why could weenie short-stop boy?

I'm hoping they fire those loses and get players who want to play and want to win... there is always next season.

So, to all the little kids out there - give it your all.

Have faith
Sleep Well
Love Good Music
See the Funny Side of Life
...and health and happiness will be yours