Friday, November 30, 2007

Kooza and other fun

Last night Greg and I saw the latest Cirque du Soleil show to blow through San Francisco - Kooza. Much fun - totally amazing acrobatics. There were three girls who could touch their heels - I touch my toes, but they bend backwards and touch their heels. Incredible.

Go see it. It is a spectacle.


Now I'm thinking of trips to see Cirque shows. To Vegas, of course. But then I want to see my friend Sonya, my cousin David in Seattle. There happens to be a show there in April - why not combine the whole thing? Funny, instead of seeing a traveling circus, I'm traveling to see the circus.

Thursday, November 29, 2007

Happier Note

I finally got the pictures from Hawaii uploaded. I thought I'd post a few. Below is Me and Greg (not the best picture) on our flight over to Maui. Boy does my head look big.

Here's where we enjoyed snorkeling the 2nd day.

Here's our favorite beach on Maui.

Here's a snail with a really cool shell. It didn't puke, the yellow stuff is something it was eating.

Here's the view from our condo:

Gone Phishing

As you probably know, I work for an email security company. I recently got added to the security update email list and now am hearing about all the scary things out there on the inter-web. Gory, detailed information about these new sorts of threats. Not that this is a big surprise. Years ago, in my past life as a email administrator, I built a Snort box.

My Snort was listening to all the traffic going in and out of my old company. It was amazing the quantity and consistency of ping, hits and attempts to access our network by nefarious entities. I developed a special love for our firewall.

Now, however, those nefarious entities are more clever. Since they can't get in due to firewalls, they are coming in via the web. Sites get compromised - My Space is a prime example. The html gets hijacked and, if you go to that site, even if you're behind a firewall, you are hosed. Some of these attacks are flash based and you don't even have the options of saying, "Don't Install". Mind boggling. My company is buliding a device to scan web traffic that is used at the office. So I feel safe to surf the web at work, of course HR isn't happy to hear that. At home I've very careful about the websites I go to and now, as I'm starting to be wary of email.

Email has become a tool of the nefarious entities, as they send out innocent looking emails that direct you to malicious websites. Which wouldn't be too bad, but with the addition of flash based malware/spyware, I'm afraid to open email from unknown sources. If the email itself has html that is pulled from a website and arrives loaded with malware code, I could be taken down just by opening a message.

My personal email is hosted by an ISP that doesn't run a quality spam filter. And I suspect they don't run a sophisticated email/malware filter that would protect me from these blended threats. This week I got 2 emails from names I don't recognize into my inbox. As I'm starting to live with a bit of fear, I saw an email from a Kevin. I stared it down and then realized that Kevin was a friend of Adam and was replying-all to Adam's email from yesterday.

Evil nefarious entities are making me scared to read email. Evil, evil, evil.

Here's what I'm talking about:
Criminal poisoned search results using thousands of domains set up to convince search index software they were serious sources of information. Unsuspecting web surfers innocently surfed to sites that infected their computers.

Wednesday, November 14, 2007

Jesus Said "Give Up All Your Possessions and Follow Me"

Those famous words in the bible, I never really understood them. Then again, I'm not much of a bible scholar to begin with, so there was never much hope.

However, I stumbled upon a book by Anthony De Mello that has impacted my thoughts on life, bringing me closer to an understanding. I encourage any reader to take a look at his works, I finished Awareness and have started on one about Love. The idea stems from the I vs. the me. As he defines it, the me is the ego. It is the part of each of us that gets hungry, tired, mad. The me craves things. The me goes from one desire to another, be it affection, a new car, ice cream, praise. The I represents the steady entity that is behind the me. The I is constant. The I does not change when the physical cells are shed and replenished, nor does it change with the latest mood or desire. The I defies description, yet each of us knows its presence.

He encourages getting more in touch with the I as a means to lasting happiness & fulfillment. And to distance oneself from the me... to remember that the hunger passes, the excitements fade, the toys break. As one distances oneself from the me, one is less effected by the ups and downs of the day.

His ideas ring very true to me. I have been trying to read the bible, along with working, staying fit, and writing a new life plan for myself. When reading the bible, I've been focusing on the quotes of Jesus. With this another things he says, I believe that his instructions were to give up the ties to the possessions and to go to God.

Arm Status

I am happy to report that the arm has nearly complete healed. It took about a week. The bruising is still there, but the pain is almost gone. Good news.

Wednesday, November 07, 2007

Lesson Learned

Yesterday I got implanted with Implanon - No, Dad, I'm not really having sex (not that I could claim purity after being married) I just want to regulate my cycle. It was an amazingly easy procedure. What I didn't expect was that my upper left arm was going to be wrapped in a mummy-like bandage that can't get wet for 24 hours... then I have an under bandage (tape in an X over the wound) that needs to stay on for 3-5 days. Great... I thought I could handle it.

Well, until now. Greg flew out last night and I'm on my own to care for myself. This morning trying I had to figure out how to keep my bandage dry, as instructed, while showering. I concocted a super-bandage out of packing tape & a plastic bag. Getting it strapped on was a challenge and I felt pretty studly after doing it all one-handed. But then, while cutting it off I realized that the mummy bandage was soaking wet. It had to go - I don't think a wet, possibly spore infested compress would be good for me, especially with those recent reports of killer staph.

So off goes the mummy and then I realize that the insertion caused a bit of bruising. I've got a skinny, 2 inch long strip of bruise that looks like some sci-fi creature. Fun - I'll have to keep my arm down while at the pool tomorrow (I'll be soaking up rays in Palm Springs).

Now, thinking about that Staph again, I'm figuring that I need to put something over the X bandage, which seems a bit too open. I go into the medicine basket and find a large bandage. I put it on and all's well, right? Noooo... I didn't realize that the mummy bandage was immobilizing the X bandage. Now it is free to move with my arm and I swear I'm ripping open the 1/8 in' cut each time I move my left arm.

The pain brings tears to my eyes and, more annoyingly, it is both sapping me of the little energy I have. and I have no one to cry to for pity. Greg is in meetings all day, so there is no one to provide me with needed coddling. Damn it. Instead I run around the office and cry in my cube.

Lesson: Reserve medical procedures for Friday afternoons so I can play the pity card over the weekend; Also: be sure that the significant other is available to nurse & pamper.

Monday, November 05, 2007

Trips and Adventures

So I'm a touch behind on this...
But I just took Greg to Maui for his birthday... and I was thinking much of the time of posting describing the trip. I'll be working on putting it into words soon.

To summarize - We left the morning of 11/1. We got in and immediately headed to Cafe Mambo to enjoy their Kahlua Duck Fajitas. We jumped into the ocean at the beach with the youth center and then headed to the Northwest corner of the island to our condo (rented, not owned) in Kapalua Bay Villas. Dinner at Sansei - very yummy sushi.

Day 2 was spent at the beach - somehow we got there before 10 AM. Had a terrible breakfast at the Westin. As we were eating there at their Ono restaurant we noticed that the local birds - the ones hustling for under-table-crumbs, were all a touch on the heavy side. Not a good sign. That and the waiter didn't quite catch my attempt to order 2 omelets with 3 things in each -instead producing 1 omelet with 6 ingredients. I was ordering - usually Greg's responsibility - I've been officially relieved of future ordering attempts. We spent the afternoon at the beach and burnt ourselves to a crisp. Back to Sansei for dinner.

The next day, we were worried about what to do... however got ourselves rash guards, masks and snorkels. We drove back to the beach and parked in the shade. Thankfully it was a touch overcast, so we weren't as likely to burn. We tried out the snorkels and immediately saw sea turtles and a variety of fishes. Greg saw an eel - but I had to get out, as I was wheezing. My hypochondria was flaring up, and I had self-diagnosised bronchitis... thankfully it cured itself by yesterday morning. We met up with a former co-worker and her daughters for dinner. Such a lovely time.

Yesterday we got in some more snorkeling in the morning. Our favorite beach was flat as a pancake, so we decided it would be good to head around the island to Paia where we've always had more luck with waves. Our goal was to get in some body surfing prior to lift-off. But fate was not with us. The waves near Paia were crazy - choppy & not so good for surfing. Then it started raining... while it did make leaving the island easier, it didn't help with our trying to get in some swimming time.

Our flight home was late, we didn't sleep much and I'm here at the office. My hair still has ocean salt in it (showered, but didn't have time for hair washing - so I have a salty french twist)... anyway, I'm so exhausted I feel drunk.

More exciting writing to come.