Friday, May 04, 2007

Oh-My-God Amazing Food at Radio Africa

Last night Greg and I tried out a "Nomadic Restaurant" - Radio Africa.

The experience was both divine and 100% San Francisco. So, Eskender Aseged runs this restaurant 2 nights a week at Velo Rouge Cafe in San Francisco and then 1 day a week at Sweet Adeline Bakeshop in Berkeley. I made reservations for us, which were easy to come by - but don't expect that to continue! - and we showed up to find 3 long communal tables. Now Greg and I aren't always social with strangers... and we were sat at a table where another couple was cuddled on the far end. Greg helped me with my coat and then sat me, and we said Hi to our table-mates, but then went back to focusing on our little world.

The menu had 4 courses, the edamame hummus they brought out with this insanely good bread was not on the menu, simply there for us to enjoy. We picked the fish entree rather than the veggie option and the meal was off. The first course was seasoned prawns all in a line, the next line was a slice of Spanish Tort - their traditional egg & potato tort -with blue potatoes and the perfect spices. The bottom of our plate held an arugula salad, not over powered by the dressing, with rainbow carrots and Parmesan shavings. Each bit had its intense, yet clean flavors to enjoy. Each one complemented the other.

Next came the soup and our more table-mates. This time we had 3 people, at least two of whom worked at Campton Place. They spiced up the conversation, as we were drawn into their conversation. It is hard to ignore people while rubbing knees under the table. The trio added insight into the chef (they worked with him) and some advice about the wine. We had picked out a nice white and Greg got fancy with champagne to go with dessert.

The soup was simple yet exceptional. Each ingredient pulled its own weight but didn't over power... beans in a veggie broth with greens (almost looked like baby red chard) and pesto drizzled over it.

By the time our entrees appeared we had moved on to holistic psychotherapy as a topic which nicely matched our perfectly cooked halibut, spinach & potato alichia and cous cous. Thankfully, we both became so engrossed in our food we neglected the conversation until it journeyed elsewhere.

Dessert sounds so plain, vanilla ice cream, strawberries and blackberries. I don't even care much for vanilla, but it so sweet and flavorful; it contrasted and balanced the tart & sweet berries. The champagne just made it all happier and we learned about K & L Wine store's champagne club - 2 bottles every other month for around $70. We have to look into that further.

Oh and what did this feast (before the alcohol) cost? $28 per person!! Insane. We'll be back.