Wednesday, February 20, 2008

Say it with Pictures

I've got nothing to say (well, nothing nice right now)... so I'm just going to post more photos of my dog.

Despite the look, Tsunami is fond of baths

Dog in a Box

Tsunami chills with buddy Isabella

Sunday, February 17, 2008

Doggie Photo Time

At the Marin Lion's Crab Feed last night, my parents reminded me that they check this blog for photos of Tsunami. I have been remiss in posting. So tonight we're adding images of the Cutest Pooch Ever.
So, here we are:

Friday, February 15, 2008

The Duh of the Day

Most of the time, when I read the news, I'm learning something. Be it the latest in the Presidential race or new ways we are messing up our environment or maybe even something happy and cheery.
Today, I didn't learn much. I saw this headline:
Obesity Raises Cancer Risk
I wondered, does that really need to be a headline? We know that Obesity causes damage to the body in as many ways as the American lifestyle damages the environment. It causes pre-mature destruction of almost every system of the body. About the only good that extra fat on your body will do is if you get shipwrecked and have to survive off fat reserves.
What I don't get is how preventable it is. Don't drink soda. Don't eat fast food. Skip the chips. Unlike how we keep finding new ways Obesity messed up a body, we are also finding countless ways that vegetables are good for the body. Swapping fried chicken for a green salad will improve your health.
I say that as an totally Atkins diet fan. I feel better running on nearly all proteins. I don't have mood swings or sugar crashes. I also skip the fried meat. Go for healthier choices.

Let's hope for better headlines tomorrow.

Thursday, February 07, 2008

Today's Bit of Dark Humor

I was scanning the headlines today. I'm finding more and more that I crave prozac after taking a peek at what is going on in the world. Until I read the headline:

Seattle Post Intelligencer
Cheney Defends Use of Harsh Interrogations

How is this a headline? We know what he does to his friends...
I watched a comic who was saying that he's having a hard time with finding things to make funny - the administration is so beyond reality that how does one add a punchline to, "Cheney shoots friend in the face". You can't get more absurd than this administration.

I find it hard to collect and organize the words for the disgust I feel towards BushCo. Listening to the Declaration of Independence being read on Sunday prior to the Super Bowl turned my stomach. We founded this nation on principals of Freedom and escape from tyranny. Then we have this administration who is systematically stripping our citizens if their rights, perverting the values we stand for, running secret prisons, hold men for years and year with no trial in Cuba, believing we're above providing the basic human rights set out in the Geneva Convention.

I want it to stop and then I read about the election. I'm confident that there will be changes if the Democrats return to the White House. However, what would McCain do? He has been held as a POW, he has denounced torture, sort of at least. I'm not confident that he won't go into Iran. Will he be moral enough to not let big business pillage our government and denude our environment? I'm not so sure. This government has piled debt upon future generations, worked to deprive them of their natural heritage and done all it can to restrict civil rights.

Add to that the drone of, Recession - Bankruptcy - Economic Downturn...

Tomorrow I think I'll skip the news and just go walk the dog.