Monday, September 06, 2010


After spending an hour pruning my tomatoes, I had a sudden realization - pruning a plant is a lot like exfoliating. I'm just taking away the dead bits from the plant so that it can grow new, fresh leaves.

This three day weekend has been just delightful. Marc & I - after nearly 7 weeks of travel & visitors, finally can be home. He was declaring that this coming week would be his first full week in the office for 5 weeks. I corrected him - this week was a 4 day week, so cannot count in that tally - he's had 6 weeks of travel, class & vacation.

This week should give me some insight into the next 3 months. The house sale is progressing and I may have a escrow close date. Also, there is a chance I'll get a transfer to DC and I'm waiting to hear the likelihood of that. Strange to be working on settling my home situation along with investigating the possibility of moving.

Which ever happens, I'm sure it will be for the best. Each path looks inviting and once I'm on it, there isn't much I can do about it. Trial & error. A move could do good things for my career and staying here might to good things for the future family. The inability to travel both paths, look back and then make the decision makes the choice I make the best one. How can one compare it to a road not traveled?

Marc's making me breakfast. Bacon, Eggs, Mushrooms, Toast - he might even include British Beans. We've done our ride (20 miles there and back). I did my post ride triathlon training post ride run - only 15 minutes, but I was able to do 9 minute miles. The garden is trimmed and time for breakfast.