Monday, February 26, 2007

Other news

Reports on other fronts...

Friday I finally got to the Social Security office. I think I nearly confused the poor bureaucrat by providing examples of ID in my (formerly) married and maiden name forms. But I got things sorted out and I'll be back to DeLano before long. This is the longest process - although I'm getting off easy. I have friends who have dealt with 3 or 4 year long divorces and then the hangover for another few years.

On other notes, Greg and I had a great time on Oahu for President's Day. We were in Waikiki on the 18th floor of a hotel with a sunset view that was simply blinding. We went body surfing on the North side of the Island with the best, slow and strong waves. A sea turtle came by to keep us company - not that we were lonely with our 100 closest friends there. The food was much better than both Maui and Kauai - but there were many more crowds. I'd go back.

The cold rain here makes me miss the tropics even more.

Hundreds of Birds

As I crested 101 by Candlestick Park this morning, I saw several hundreds of seagulls aloft. They were swirling and swarming from the left of my vision to the right. I'm guessing something happened at the landfill (don't you love how we've left behind the garbage dump and now use landfills? So much more sanitary.) to set this flock aloft.

They reminded me of a description I once read of an early explorer of the American West who talked about how the birds would fill the sky and blacken the sun. There were so many. This was a modern, scrawny substitute. Just the same, their whirling motion was entrancing, even if my nerves were twitching from some hangover of The Birds.

But on I drove - and driving is so much fun. Last week my new car came. I treated myself to a cute little Mercedes-Benz roadster. I'm not sure what I was thinking, as I got the AMG version - so it jumps (and scares me a little) when I step on the gas too hard. Soon I'll be taking it down to visit my mother. Don't tell her, but this trip will be more about seeing what curves feel like in a sports car than family time.

Saturday night, Greg and I curled up with the original version of The Producers. Oola - was the secratary's name... the "toy" that they treated themselves to once they had all that money. I like the idea... so my little SLK32 has been christened Oola.

That joy is tempered only with the challenges of having 2 cars and no garage in San Francisco. The Jetta is still with me - it has a new transmission and the clutch got fixed last fall - it is in great condition. Any one interested? It has nearly 170k miles, but will be solid for many, many more.

Thursday, February 01, 2007

Bumble and Bumble

anMy short commentary regarding Gavin's affair:
None of our business. He's been a great mayor. Let him stay focused on his work. He's human. I realize he's been like a teenage boy, chasing tail like a fevered buck and could use some restraints... but have some compassion. I feel bad for the woman, the betrayed husband and for Gavin. Turn off the spot lights and shut down the electron-microscope for a bit.

I think we're best letting this drop and focusing on the important issues of the day. Like why my street (18th Street, near Castro) is having MORE construction. I've lived there 5 months and there has been construction for 4 of them. Enough is enough!