Monday, August 11, 2008

Weekend of Fun

I headed south for the weekend, catching a Friday afternoon flight from SFO to Santa Ana. I hadn't been back to So Cal in nearly 2 years and it was quite a trip. Having flown into the LA area so many times, I really enjoyed my window seat facing East on the clear flight south. I could see the Channel Islands, Malibu and I smiled remembering the trip to Catalina Michael and I took with Steve and Kim, years ago.

But Steve picked me up at the airport and we went back to the house. Kim was there with little Audrey. Audrey was shy at first, but soon took to me. She even helped me unpack - as you can see.

Friday we got Sushi and watching the Olympic Opening Ceremony. Steve and I passed out on the couch by 11 pm. Kim, who had not enjoyed any of the wine, was mocking us the next day.

The next morning was a bit slow, we had coffee on the couch while catching up on what we missed having passed out so early the night before.

Saturday Kim & I headed for the Nail Salon - Happy Nail & Spa. They say they are going to have a salon up in SF before long. Yippee for me. They do a great job and aren't TOO expensive. The nice Vietnamese lady working on my manicure wasn't as impressed about the opening ceremony. I think there was a bit of Anti-Chinese sentiment among the salon workers.

Saturday afternoon we spent soaking up some sun at the pool. I had forgotten how nice the Southern eye candy can be. Men do take a little better care of themselves down there. The women, well, let's just say they appeared to have permanently equipped themselves with frontal flotation devices - for safety reasons, I'm sure.

Saturday night I had a BLAST making dinner for Kim & Steve (Audrey fell asleep before the meal was ready). I got some special wine - Barrel 37 Shirah or something and then made up the Coq au Vin recipe from Joy of Cooking. It was exceptional. I think they were tickled to have home cooking without effort.
Steve cleaning up from my cooking fun.
Sunday I helped Audrey with her nascent photography career. I've posted a collection of her early work here.

Steve & Kim are totally wonderful people. I'm so happy that they, and little Audrey, are part of my life. Thanks guys!

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