Thursday, August 21, 2008

Composting Blues

The bell has rung and I'm going on round 3 with the compost machine.

I think I wrote about the compost explosion. I got that all corrected - added the sawdust & fresh dirt (thanks Mom!). Everything was fine until I jammed the machine. Suddenly it went from a mixing session every couple hours to one ever 65 minutes then, to out-do itself (I think it got into the spirit of the Olympics) and upped the ante to non-stop mixing. I called & emailed Naturemill. I think they were having a bad week - but they've more than made up for it now. If nothing else, I expect they may give me a "Dedicated Composter of the Year" t-shirt.

While they didn't let me pick-up a fix from their office, they did get back to me and had a fix for the trap door in my hands in less than 24 hours. They also explained how to re-set the machine (unplug, press the OK button & then plug the power back in) and I got it back to normal functioning.

Unfortunately through all this I was utterly unable to control my composting urges (I am thinking I might need 2 of these suckers to keep pace with my biodegradable waste), as I kept adding material. I added baking soda and saw dust, but I think that with some of the fussing and the excessive additions, I might have freaked out the delicate microbes.

I've stunk up the apartment again. It makes me sad. However, I will persevere. Over my nose, I'll put a clothes pin and I will numb my senses with additions of red wine. In the end, I know I will conquer the compost. I will master the mulch!

I'm burning a sacred scented candle for good luck.


Anonymous said...

When did you get your 'fix clips' ? I had some replacements but they didn't work and I'm hoping to get some more of the new ones.

My naturemill experience is documented at

Jen DeLano said...

NatureMill sent me a package with new clips, new friction thing-bobbers and these plates that go between the container & the mixing bar. As soon as I installed that, the trap door functioned.

Go here:

By the way - I'm going to mark your blog! I'm glad I'm not alone in my composting attempt.

Luck you to have an outdoor space for the unit. I've got mine in the kitchen. And I'm adding sawmill & baking soda every 12 hours... to no effect right now. Interesting to hear that the air filter could be getting moist and losing efficacy. They are also sending me a new lid.