Wednesday, January 30, 2008

Snappy Update

So, I just sent out a little update to friends and family. I might have missed people... people who occasionally look at this blog to see what I'm up to. So here's the snappy update, with typos (thanks for pointing those out dad) and errors and all:

It has been awhile and I just wanted to send a little update to what I've been up to recently. Several months ago Greg (the significant other) and I started Strategic Capital Funding. StratCapSF is a real estate financing company located in San Francisco's Financial district. I recently earned my Real Estate License so that I can be an official part of the business acting as (among other things) a Jr. Mortgage Planner. I am very excited about my new project. I'm not leaving IronPort, just helping run and learn the business... on the side.

We founded StratCapSF with two principals in mind: integrity and service. Financing your home is usually about as fun as a root canal. Our aim is to make the process educational, fear-free, and maybe even pleasant. Instead of hidden fees, smoke & mirrors, or high pressure sales, we listen to our clients, understand their goals, then provide them with appropriate options to help them make smart decisions.

Now, we've all seen the recent turbulence in the real estate finance world and you may think that I've gone off my rocker to get involved with it. However, I'm very optimistic. The House just pasted a change in the rules for conforming loans and the Fed has been dramatically dropping rates. Among other important implications, if you have a loan in the $417,000 to $739,000 range, you'll want to pay attention, as the rule change could lower your rate by as much as 1-1 ½ %. We are happy to explain how and why, in fact we're working on an educational evening seminar now.

StratCapSF is fully certified on a full suite of products, including TIC's, loans in most states, Small Business Loans as well as the Home Ownership Accelerator (HOA). The HOA gives you the option of owning your home outright in as little as half the time as a traditional mortgage, with no changes to your current spending habits, while saving you tens of thousands in mortgage interest. Sounds canned, I know - I just think it is a great program and I'm excited.

Please feel free to check out our website and keep us in mind when you have questions about buying, selling or refinancing your residential or commercial real estate.

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