Wednesday, March 01, 2006


I'm going up to San Francisco this weekend. I had planned to stay until Sunday. However 1/2 of the people I wanted to see are unavailable... and now my friend down here in LA is having a going away party on Saturday night.

If I stay in San Francisco, I'll be bummed that I missed out on her party down here. If I return early then I'll be cheating myself out of time in the city I love most on the planet. There is no way to win. What do I want? I'm 50-50 on each side. I'll be happy and have regrets either way.

Really, there is no good solution. It matches up with another quandary that is fast approaching in my life. Work/Travel/Moves - there are no simple answers. What is keeping me in LA? What is keeping me in this state?

Some days everything seems up for grabs. I take on too many options at once. A simple trip becomes a quandary. I'm not making the right decisions, but how do we ever know when we are in the moment? Some things we can be sure of - we exhaust all other possibilities. But on whims, like this trip to SF or returning early to LA. I can give compelling reasons on either side... only months from now will I know what I really should have done.

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