Friday, March 17, 2006

Science Diet

If you read the New Yorker regularly, you may have seen the article from a week or so ago about how our current Administration is giving science the old Heave-Ho. Instead of looking at and assessing all the facts, they search out the outlying, fringe scientists who support their Right Wing Agenda.

One of the Right Wing's pet peeves is the medically induced abortion. The process involves two medications that cause the uterus to expel its contents. If the contents include a fetus, an abortion happens. This product has been used for decades around the globe, safely and effectively giving women control over the physical, emotion and financial fate.

Two women have died ( from the use of this medication and the right-wingers are clamoring for it to be pulled from the market. Why aren't they screaming about Viagra which has killed, as of 2003, 564 men have died from that medication ? ( What about the men?? Who is fighting to prevent such a horrible, erection filled death from happening to other men?

And another puzzle... how anti-depressive were found to cause more thoughts of suicide in depressed teens. Ok, so this teen age girl is depressed and not feeling that life is worth living and if she goes on the medication, she will feel MORE like killing herself. But she'll be less depressed? Is it just that the medication isn't very effective?? Very confusing.

In the end, I just want science to be left to the scientists. No other Administration had scientists resigning left and right out of protest. We've got to get back on track in the realm of science. Not all scientists agree, but there tends to be a consensus.

Happy St. Patty's Day to all.


André said...

Henry Waxman is with you all the way!

Jen DeLano said...

Is he trying to get rid of "performance enhancing" sex drugs that are endangering the lives of our male citizens??

André said...

No. He's trying to keep the Bush Administration from politicizing science.