Thursday, February 16, 2006

Fun with Friends

Spent the weekend in San Francisco. Had a lovely quiet time with two sets of friends and their dogs. Four pug - we call it the Puggle. How much more love can a person have than when attacked by 4 pugs all looking for affection?

But better than the pugs was the company. One long walk through the streets and sights of San Francisco and another on the Beach, running the four pugs through the surf. Pugs have the best smiles.

Aside from the views, I didn't realize how luck I was to be out of the way of gunfire. There are very few shooting in San Francisco, but who knew that I could be safer there than in a field with the Vice President? His shooting of Mr. Whittington was quite a shocker - doesn't the NRA require gun training of its members and legislators?

Now I'm wondering what would happen if Mr. Whittington passes, he did have an injury related heart attack this morning. Could Vice President Cheney be charged with manslaughter? And when can he and the Shrub go for a duck hunting trip together, asks my friend André.

Friends are good things. We should spend more time with them.

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