Monday, February 20, 2006

Two Things we Can All Agree about

I've seen two things getting pushed among my friends and organizations. The first is appreciation for WWII veterans. They are not going to be with us much longer. My grandfather, James DeLano, Sr. was the navigator on B-17 bombers doing runs from England. He never spoke much about his service. Michael got to meet him once before he died and was able to pull more stories out of him than any of the family.

I had planned to visit my grandparents for a weekend in January and Jim passed a few days before. Polly, my grandmother, was trying to deal with the details of the memorial and death that weekend. Jim had a long slow decline, so his death was expected and the family was prepared. Yet, one of my tasks was to go through the micro-letters that he had sent to Polly while he was stationed in England. Reading about the boredom and golf games in the afternoon was wonderful, especially as I only got to knew my grandfather as he was losing a battle with dementia.

I've been to a number of air shows in the last few years and I always get teary at the B-17 they have sitting out. They gave so much and for such a clear cause.

Hmm, in light of that, the second thing doesn't seem as important. I'll save that for later.

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