Tuesday, February 28, 2006

Comedy of Errors

Now, it is only noon, but today is really having a ball with me.

Waking up - not keen on that, as I probably had an extra drink last night that I should have skipped... but manage to make it to the 6:15 exercise class I like. Work my way through that, hit the showers and there I run into the start of the domino effect. I'm missing my belt. Forgot to pack it. So I'm going to have to go belt-free, which isn't a big deal, just annoying.

Hop in the Jetta and head to work. As I'm on Wilshire going west, I hit a large puddle and, thankfully, make it across Veteran before my car stalls out. I try and try and try (if you repeat try and try enough times you'll sound like my car) and it won't start. So I call AAA and the truck comes 45 minutes later. Nice guy... but I think something is up when he can't think of a service center within 10 blocks of my house. However, I'm stuck. I could go to my old mechanic, but he is across town and I don't know how I'll get the car back or get to work. As it is, I'm close enough that they'll drive me back to my apartment after I drop off the car. Another suspicious thing: the tow truck driver and garage owner greet each other with big smiles. Oh well.

They take me back to my apartment where I go to get my roommate's car. Now, she has a terrible future ex-husband... and when I'm feeling frustrated with mine, she recounts another story and I feel lucky again. But she's off in Europe - cannot disclose where due to icky future ex-husband - and I have no idea when she is returning, she was supposed to be back last week. Anyway, she pulled some fuses out of her car so that if the icky ex or his evil friends were to attempt to steal it, that it wouldn't start. So I get the fuses in - which takes me about 15 minutes and then go to start the car. Well, the car is too smart for me. The key turns, but the computer display says, Key Not Accepted. I read the manual (RTFM, right?) and do as it says, but it will not accept the key. After another 20 minutes of banging my head against the wall - I seem to be doing that a lot recently, I give up and call a cab.

After the most expensive cab ride of my life, I get to work. Now on the way I get a call from Super-Cool-Sal who reports that my main email address is bouncing. Oh dear, one more problem. I knew something was up, as I stopped getting emails at about 2 pm yesterday. Well, got the ticket open with the hosting company and as it turns out I forgot to renew the domain name. Too bad Network Solutions didn't let me know - don't they WANT my money??

We'll see when that gets up and running again - to my friends, have patience, I'm not getting emails. I'm laughing at this already, but it may turn to tears if things along this route.

I saw some sunshine, it might not be 100% bad.

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polemic_eric said...

Hey Jen... just wanted to say that i'm sympathetic to your clusterfsck of a day. Broken cars and broken computers are no fun at all. If it makes you feel any better, last week I drove my car right into the concrete pedestal that supports the gate in the garage at my work. I could hear the massive whoosh sound from my tire as i drove in and parked. I swapped it at lunch for my spare; the weight of the car promptly flatted my way underinflated spare. TWO bad tires! This type of crap happens to all of us. What's important is how we handle it, and like you, i can only laugh at the situation, because it's not worth getting all huffy over. Some people just don't understand that. The rain's done, the sun's out, enjoy!
peace, /eric
ps. i sent you an email the other night, not sure if your received it, what with dns troubles and all.