Monday, February 27, 2006


The hard drive on my computer died. This happened last week. I had my computer up and was going to get the wireless bobble to go with it so I could actually get it on line. But then it died. I fussed with the BIOS boot order and even stuck in a CD - but it isn't spinning right. It spins and stops and spins and stops... just long enough to confuse the computer.

Such a drain. I knew the drive wouldn't last... but then again, what does?

Thankfully the most important thing, my contacts, had a copy on the 2nd hard drive. So I didn't lose those. I did, however, lose 3 years worth of email, about 5 years worth of documents and files. Now, what is all of this worth? $300 to get fixed? $600? I'm not sure. I'd rather spend a weekend in Las Vegas than fix the drive. On another lucky note, a friend gave me an extra drive. Maybe I can get the box up on that. But now I'm out software. Ick.

More personal than the computer is a betrayal by the body. My sick grandmother is a prime example. She wasn't that ill, just a cold or flu, but she was just miserable. A terribly pale face, no energy. She looked drained. But she was mostly alert and just ready to be back to normal... if only her body could get on the same page.

I find it incomprehensible why the body revolts. A recent car accident followed my another near miss and my back is just frantic. Right in the middle a spasm keeps jumping from the left side to the right. The best remedy is the steam room at the gym. However, with each tinge of pain, I find it more incomprehensible why my body insists on doing this. I don't like it and I'm unable to fix it. Why must it continue to whine? I get told that it is trying to tell me something - yes, that it is weak and pathetic...

Oh well - off to the steam room.

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