Sunday, January 29, 2006

Too Long or What is Funny?

I'm lucky, I laugh at almost anything. Others, not so lucky. Last night I was hanging out with a friend who had just gotten smacked down by his friends from earlier in the evening. His buddy was trying to make time with two girls who didn't find my friend's humor to their tastes. Asking him to take it down a notch. Poor girls. Isn't dating about having fun? Why get so caught up in sophistication - does the aloofness bring more than the giggles? Or maybe they just have a restrained sense of humor. I wasn't there and who am I to judge anyway. My only thought is for my friend. He's making things fun and light, and the response is to tell him to knock it off. How lucky is the person who finds a mate who makes him/her laugh.

There is so much to enjoy in this world. Humor is everywhere. This morning I encountered a man at the Coffee Bean who asked I believe in reincarnation - I said I liked the idea. He tossed back, "I didn't either the last time I was here." Yesterday I got mixed up and realized, at the end of my workout, that I was wearing mismatching sneakers. I don't think anyone noticed the shoes but I'm sure they thought I was odd chortling to myself while on the stretching mat.

Can you smile too much in one day? I think it releases endorphins - and those are good, right?

Just recently I moved out (hence the two months sans postings) of an environment where I couldn't smile. There was so much negativity that the bubbles inside me were going flat. Never will I be put in a situation like that again. Home must be a supportive place with love and appreciation. Not a world of punishment and hurt.

But enough ick for one day. Lets see what else is out there...

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