Wednesday, November 05, 2008

Two Ideas for the next election

The apparent passing of Prop 8 has put a damper on the happiness I felt with the Obama victory. How can so many of my fellow Californians be so prejudiced?

But more than that, how can it be that we only need 50%+1 vote to change the state constitution? That is also totally amazing. Women make up more than 50% of the population, maybe we should change sufferage to only women? We'd just need that 50% +1 to remove men's suffrage. So I think we should put two measure on the ballot: 1.) Change the constitution so that it takes a 60% of the vote to change the constitution and 2.) Introduce a marriage equality constitutional measure to allow any 2 people, over the age of 18 to wed. You know, that really should be over the age of 21 - getting married at 18 is just silly. Maybe 30 would be the best... I was unable to get it right at the ripe age of 28. But fix both problems with one fell swoop.

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