Thursday, November 13, 2008

Notes from the spam file

I work for a company that produces appliances to filter email for spam and viruses. I just got an email blast from a Product Manager who, for I think the first time in my 2 years at this company, wanted to report a giant drop in spam.
A company call McColo down in San Jose has been hosting icky sites - ones that allow trafficing of spam money, child porn and other bad stuff, was being monitored by their ISP Global Crossing. Global Crossing pulled the plug on them Tuesday afternoon. The result - a 75% drop in spam volumes. 75%!! Crazy. My own daily spam email went from the standard list of 20+ emails to 4. I was wondering of we had some new crazy-good filter. Nope, we just had less spam.
Marketing sent us this email so that we could answer questions from any confused customers. "No, your appliance isn't broken, they just shut down a big spam hub." Maybe I'll get a converstaion tlie that today... kinda doubt it.
If only that would cause more than a week or two dent in spam...

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