Thursday, October 02, 2008


I have to say I'm totally jazzed for tonight's debate. I enjoyed the presidential debate last week - having watched it with pugs for company. They didn't give much good feedback, but I had a friend on IM who I was sharing comments with and a running commentary string on Facebook. I think Obama came off as knowledgeable and McCain seemed still and very old.

Now, I've got higher expectations from the Vice-Presidentail debates. With Sarah Palin clearly demonstrating her lack of intelligence in her recent interviews, I'm hoping to see her get knocked about a bit. I expect that she'll be up, not only against Biden, but the cultural bias against women. It is nearly impossible for a woman to appear to have leadership qualities, as it is a moving target. Whatever qualities we look for in a leader, women just lack. If she stands up for her self, she'll likely be seen as shrill. Combine that with her utter lack of qualifications and it things appear dim for Sarah.

What I find extra angering is how she and the campaign aren't taking responsibility for her gaffs, but blaming "gotcha journalism". How is being asked direct questions a gotcha? If she says she has international experience, I'd like to hear about it. Living near Russia doesn't count. She says the Supreme Courts' decisions have divided America - but can't name one? These are basic conversational questions. When someone makes a statement, they better have facts, figures and the ability to give a rational backup for what they proclaim.

To me I see it as another attack by the Republican Right to try to limit our freedoms. Bush is well known for his distain of the media. I am frightened that our top leader holds freedom of the press in contempt. One of the key bits of our Bill of Rights he doesn't like, as it hinders his ability to bamboozle the populace. Vile.

I want transparency in the government. I want intelligence. I want benevolance. Yes, I'll ask for the moon and the stars to. We can do better.

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