Wednesday, October 08, 2008

Like a Jackson Pollock Painting

Life today feels like a mess so I think of art.

I watched the debate for 1 hour last night. I got so annoyed by McCain's wheezy, "My Friend" weirdness that I have to turn it off. He reminded me of the that villain from the 1940's movies who rasps, "Yes Boss" when asked to do some diabolical task. Not what I want in the leader of the free world.

I'm moving. It's only for a bit, a short term, furnished rental. Tsunami is coming with me. I'm excited. And want to thank Greg for being a total champ in all this. Cheers to you Greg!

I'm going to be travling for the majority of the next 2 weeks. If moving isn't enough chaos, I thought adding in two trips would kick it up a notch. I'm SO excited to go out to Cape Cod to see my Aunt Mary & Uncle Ed. Then over to Boston where Hilary is hosting me for a few days. I hope to get in a quick visit with Heather & Kate. Monday I'll head to Austin to meet Giada - Adam's wee one. I'm sure I'll be posting from the road - pictures & reports.

I hope to be home & settled in time to vote.

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