Friday, March 20, 2009

The Green Paint is Greener on the other Side

So last week Marc took me on a quick run through of the model homes built & decorated to sell the homes in our little complex. They have 4 floor models with all the bells, whistles and features. It was wild to see them. The one of our house was a mirror image, which made it familiar and not at the same time.

What I came away with was the desire for $20k of upgrades. I almost wish I hadn't gone in, as I was very content with our house. We have been nesting and getting things just so, but then I see what professionals can do with triple our budget and I'm now sad.

Some things I didn't like, as they were just over the top a faux flag/brick wall in the family room? why? And some of the fixtures screamed, "I have no taste, just some extra cash to burn!" But then there were small things that did work. Mostly these had to do with furniture - not the look of the pieces, but the size & placement of them. The colors and details of the wall finishing and how the colors echoed in the pillows to make a very cohesive look. I was wrap!

I also saw how themes could take shape and be echoed about. One theme I want, and I have a feeling my civilized British-mate will not appreciate is my enjoyment of the West & Dessert. Like worn wood, polished smooth with age, bleached in the sun. Colors that give the feel of desert rocks, sky & vegetation. Yes, I wouldn't mind a cow hide on the plank wood floor; Sedona & Santa Fe without the Cowboys, Indians or knotty pine. I Hate knotty pine. Rough, smooth & warm.

Not that I would try such a task without a professional. They have a way with things. Little things, like putting a edge-thingy (yes, I know the technical terms) as a band around the room, and at what height and then what to do above & below the band in terms of color & smoothness to make it all work. It amazes me. Marc says it is simple, I'm not convinced.

All that to say, I don't have the time, energy or money to take the house to the next level. I'm stuck now, knowing what our house could be - yet unable to get there. Why are we humans so programmed? Or is it that we've totally hone our marketing skills to the point that executives can just push the average Joe's buttons? I recall my ex-husband having a fear of psychologists, as he thought they could get inside his head. He was right on getting in our head, just wrong about who had the skill to do it.

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