Thursday, March 12, 2009

Composter Woes

I peeked. I opened the composted to check the status of my compost before a full week had gone by. The excitement got to me.

Sunday I took a gander under the lid only to find nothing there. The compost was gone. For a fleeting second I thought that Marc had stolen it as some odd joke, but no. All of the compost, in a nearly undigested state, had been dumped into the "done" tray. How did it come to that conclusion?? In my perplexed state, I contemplated tossing it all back up to the top for another session in the mixing chamber.

Then I spotted the evil white fuzz and knew that I couldn't. The mold had returned. Unfortunate.

Yesterday I buried it. Load #2 of half digested food waste now lays in the back yard. I am beginning to wonder what the archaeologists of 2250 will think of the dirt around the future ruins of our current home. "Strange how this house shows garbage disposal so close to the foundations - totally non-typical for primitives of that era."

I will begin agian this weekend - after a good dosing of 409 tonight.


Blue in Bristol said...

Sweetie, why don't you just get a regular compost bin? You know, large, plastic or wooden, with a lid and an opening near the bottom? Add garden waste, food waste, old newspapers, whatever. Give it a forking over every once in while. Everything will rot down naturally and you'll end up with great compost. It may take a bit longer than your magic composting machine, but it'll be less stress! xx

Jen DeLano said...

I have been thinking about that. Now that I actually have a backyard, a normal compost bin is a real option. Also, I can fill up this little guy in 2 days of cooking; it has limited capacity.
I just had so many high hopes for this little guy.