Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Unconditional Love?

On Thursday I had to take Tsui in to the vet for a couple vaccinations. I've had great luck with the Marina Veterinary Clinic there on Lombard. I purchased their insurance and so my 3 vaccinations, 4 months of Frontline and annual check-up was only $100. How happy am I? She's healthy and my wallet isn't empty.

But they print out things for my doggie record and on it is a thing about how great dogs are - like they need to convince us pet owners? One reason to have a dog, according to this blurb, is to know unconditional love. And I'm thinking, really?

Yes, my dog adores me, but seems to adore me more when I have food that I will be giving her. Marc's boxers don't (yet) love me unconditionally, but they are warming up - how long does it take for unconditional love to develop? And yes, Tsunami adores me, and prefers exclusive love, as she chases down the boxers if they dare ask for some of my affection. Hmm, maybe that's why they are so slow to warm to me? And does possession count as unconditional love? I'm not so sure. And then there is Austin and his cantankerous ways. He only likes his cuddles at specific times. Others he gives you a bit of a back-off growl. Which begs the question, does unconditional love have time restrictions?

Anyway, it is time to feed the mob of loving dogs.

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