Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Pirates - not the Johnny Depp type

I just read the following:
In all, Somali pirates are holding over 280 sailors on 15 ships — at least 76 of those sailors captured in the last few days. Pirates have attacked 79 ships this year and hijacked 19 of them, according to the International Maritime Bureau, a piracy watchdog.

How shocking is that? The Pirates are extra pissed about some of them getting killed in that last rescue/raid. But really, if one is a pirate and hijacking vessels, why would one expect to NOT be killed in the line of duty?

They seem to be targeting the aid ships going to feed the poor & suffering in Somalia. They are trying to steal from their brothers. The can get $1 Million in extortion for the ship.

I thought we were beyond this - fascinating to find we are not.

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