Wednesday, February 18, 2009

New Sins??

This headline caught my eye:
Two Sexes Sin In Different Ways: Women are prouder than men, but men are more lustful.
And I'm thinking, "The church has any idea what lurks in the hearts of women?" Come on now.

But then, reading on, I discovered that the Vatican, in all its wisdom, has updated the seven deadly sins to reflect modern times. Wow - how amazing is that. I guess, these weren't sins inscribed on tablets given from god to Moses or anything, so they are changeable.

Here they are:
Genetic Modification (I wonder if that includes dog breeding, as Tsuanmi sure isn't natural)
Experiments on the Person (What exactly is included in that?)
Environmental Pollution (sounds good to me)
Taking or Selling Illegal Drugs (so the people in the early 1900's who were hooked on laudlin are absolved, but W does Blow in the 80's, it's not OK?)
Social Injustice (Hear that Mugabe!)
Causing Poverty (Take that Castro!)
Financial Greed (Take that Chaney and all you Modern Day Robber Barons!)

At first this seems totally wrong - how can they rewrite the bible? But the seven deadly sins are no where in the bible. With a little web research* one learns that the original seven deadly sins were an idea of Greek monk came up with the idea. He had eight sins that blocked the way to love - they do, don't they, but do the new modern ones? The seven sins were revised by Pope Gregory I who revised and reduced them to seven. And here we are with a new seven.

Either way, I'm not sure I'm buying it. I think women are just as lustful as men, only society finds it unseemly for us to express it, thus we find different sins to confess. Next meditation will be, "What sins have I committed today?"

*Author makes no assertions that information found on the web is true in anyway.

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