Thursday, July 17, 2008

Waterboard Cheney

Reading about Ashcroft's defense of waterboarding turned my stomach. How can a simulation of drowning not be considered torture? According to him, it is a valuable interrogation technique. Seeing as how the Cheney & Bush Co. are stubbornly refusing to provide congress & the nation with any answers regarding their reign of terror.

Maybe it would be good for Congress to follow Ashcroft's legal opinion regarding waterboarding. As Cheney refuses to come in to give testimony, I think that the people's representatives have the right to capture the enemy combattant and then use harsh extraction of detailed information system.

As long as I can be the one to dunk the guy in between questions:
Who leaked Valerie Blane's Identity?
Which Big Oil Company Executives wrote out energy policy?
What was the real reason we went to war - and don't even think of mentioning WMD's!

It could work. But that's not very peaceful or zen of me.

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