Wednesday, July 09, 2008

Landmark Changes

I know, I didn't finish up the tale of CAJ, but I saw this on the SF Chron's front page and it really bugged me.
The Headline:
Judging the bridge's 5 suicide barrier designs

What strikes me is that this bridge has be there for more than 70 years and we've had more than two thousand people jump from it. Unfortunately most died. The tragedy lies in the cause of the problem - that those committing suicide are sad, lost and desperate.

I don't see the need for us to revamp our bridge and its design to make it harder to jump off. I suspect that those wishing to jump will find a way to hurl themselves off of the bridge regardless of the impediments we put in place. Nor am I convinced that putting the impediment in place will cause someone to stop and think, "hmm, they put a higher fence up, maybe I should reconsider..."

We shouldn't dumb down the entire world, from bottles to bridges to in a futile attempt to prevent suicide. Our time & money would be better spent on social work than on destroying our bridge.

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