Wednesday, April 09, 2008

Free the Protest Noon Report

I just took Tsunami out for another spin. When I got to the end of the block there were fewer people than I expected. The Chinese National Crew seemed to have moved down the block closer to the ballpark and expanded. The Free-Tibet people appear to have displaced them, being the first group I came to.

I use came to loosely - as I was on the civil side of the street the protesters, flag wavers and banner holders are all on the water side. The sky has a host of small, nat-like aircraft - bringing back those annoying days & nights of the omnipotent police helicopter in Los Angeles.

Walking further on towards the ballpark, I see the Go Chinese Crew out with the big red flags. The occasionally seem to dare the Free Tibet Peace-lovers to lynch them by fearlessly walking up and down the block. The scattering of police officers both on the civil side and roaming the embarcadero going 2 by 2 for 3 or 4 pairs. One stopped me, but she was very friendly - asking what type of dog Tsunami is. No harassment or unnecessary use of battering baton.

At this point Tsunami is getting more and more fussy. She's not into the noise and general tension in the air. So I take her home around the back, avoiding the Embarcadero. As we're rounding Main going down to Spear I see a flood of incoming protesters. Something about it made my stomach turn.

20 more minutes until I try to see the torch.

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