Friday, April 11, 2008

Back to Santa Cruz Island

Now I think I was waxing dull about eating lunch on a bluff one hundred some feet above the water. Mom and I enjoyed our Trader Joe's salads, almond packs and dried cherries together with a great view. After lunch we turned back East, then South down to the Scorpion Valley, going through the camp ground.

For those interested in following along - you can find the PDF map here:

We then started up the hill and stumbled upon an oil drill that was picturesque and well rusted. Mom was happy to arrive there, as it marked out highest ascent. On the way up she kept threatening to turn around. I just felt invigorated with the cool, foggy air and up-swept views.
We circled around the top of the ridge and then headed back down to the dock area. All in all, we hiked about 7.5 miles. Mom was exhausted, however she did rally to go into Ventura's little downtown for dinner. We totally crashed about 9:30 pm.

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