Friday, June 20, 2008

Big News

This morning I remembered that they found white stuff on Mars, but hadn't yet heard what it is. And, happy to say, it is ice.
Nasa's Phoenix lander has unearthed "perfect" evidence of ice on Mars.

Which I think is super cool. And contradicts the recent headline that made me sad:
Bush wants to drill for oil in our coastal waters

Why would we risk our already in dangered coasts to drill for a substance that pollutes and damages our planet. And how is this the Democrat's fault, as he claims. Why didn't he raise the MPG on cars or subsidize the development of domestic and clean energy sources? His connections to the oil companies are so deep and, with this, so apparent. He is mindbogglingly terrible, that man.

I'm happy that we're heading in a new direction. Mark Morford writes about it beautifully.

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