Wednesday, October 12, 2005


In the August 27th issue of the Economist there is a bit about the explosion of goat farming in American. Between the hunger of recent immigrants and the craving for goat cheese, there is a boom in the market for goat.

Recently Michael and I were thinking of skipping out of the rat race here in Los Angeles (he works for Disney and I sell automated tape backup libraries) and buying land to escape to. Part of the escape would likely include a victory garden (remember, we are at war), several goats, if not an entire herd (I did try to make goat cheese and it turned out OK but due to my inability to find single shots of rennet of the web, I now have a life-time supply), a pug and possibly a cow. Michael tells me that cows are quite sweet, but they are more than twice my size, so am not convinced. They could squish me accidentally - not a feature I look for in local pets.

However, I suspect this will remain a fantasy for several reasons. While I quite like the idea of escape, I know that running does no good. I ran off to Italy for my junior year of college, had a wonderful time, but was unable to flee the requirements of adulthood, academics and graduation requirements. Now I hold a degree in Architecture and sell computer equipments...

I am a firm believer in facing reality, which is why I've started this blog. I have interests and ambitions in politics. Currently I'm considering getting a Masters in Public Policy and Economics. However, advanced degrees as well as post-graduation employment will likely require writing. Michael suggested that I start a blog to get myself to write regularly. We'll see if that works.

Good Night All.

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