Thursday, October 13, 2005

Balancing the good, the bad and the funny

I hope I'm not the only one who found today's rehearsal of the Administration's "Spontaneous" Teleconference with our soldiers amusing. I know there is a long and devious history of staging events with the military. Why call it spontaneous if it isn't - isn't that telling falsehoods? I think they are getting sloppy - what have we had from them recently? Staged town hall meetings - with not a single opposing view; reporters on the payroll who lob softball questions. Oops.

Here's the story for those who missed it:
All this does make me wonder if that story of Bush's debate ear bug might have some truth to it.

As for the good - I sold another library today. Last month I was concerned about my sales. They were not coming in - despite all my calls and pleas and attempts. It was almost as if all of my prospects closed down for the month. My territory does not include any state hit by the hurricanes - so I was mystified. So, I've got a bit of breathing room this week and so far, I've had 4 libraries come in this month. It gives me a bit of breathing room.

Last night we were at the big book store at The Grove. Michael wanted to find a specific book for a new endeavor. I wandered off to find myself in the Sales Section. After last month, I'm especially open to new ways of staying ahead of the game. Adjacent to it is the section on job hunting, career paths, cover letters - a veritable cornucopia of job securing literature. Are both sections so full of books because not a single person has a clue of how to secure sales or get a job? My impression is that it is much like Vegas - everyone has a system.

As for the bad, well, I took care of that. Two hours in the salon and my hair is an indescribable shade of red. I feel honored - I get my hair done by the same talented artist as Xeni Jardin. I love her platinum, but I can't get away from the copper.

Good Night and Good Luck.

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