Thursday, May 13, 2010

Keeping Fit

Yesterday I decided to jog the mile to the gym, work out and then jog home. It worked out pretty well. I didn't take my gym card and got hassled a bit at the front desk, but in a non-hassling way. "Since you always bring your card, we won't bother you about not having brought it." Right.
On the way home, I pass the high school. There was some event by the auditorium and, despite it being 6:20 PM, kids were making their way back to school. I came up behind a young couple who were flirting, but distantly. I was too far back to hear what they were saying, but she was reaching our her hand, as if to touch his arm. He bobbed back and forth - occasionally leaning towards her, often retreating. I kept thinking, "You fool, she just wants to hold hands."
As I got closer, suddenly I become quite self aware. Such a contrast between these kids in their teens going through the adolescent mating rituals and me, in gym clothes running by trying to stay fit. To them, their warm afternoon gets punctuated by sweaty middle aged woman wheezing as she goes by. I must be a total wet blanket! Call me libido killer! Poor kids. But maybe I prevented an unwanted pregnancy?


Blue in Bristol said...

middle aged? you aren't middle aged!

Jen DeLano said...

To a 16 year old, I'm sure I appear to have 1 foot in the grave.
I prefer to think of myself as "just entering adulthood".