Friday, May 15, 2009

Caught Up

For the first time in months, I feel caught up. I have no pressing tasks. I don't even have any food in the fridge that needs to be chopped, melted, seared or fermented. All my finances are in order, well, almost in order. I have no trips to pack for. There is some work I could do, but I'm in sales - there is ALWAYS some work I could do.

I guess I do need to go get my mother a mother's day gift, yes, I'm a week late on that. I love how Marc sends his parents cards for the American Mothers & Fathers Days as he cannot recall when the British ones are.

My work responsibilities have shifted slightly and I now drive to Los Gatos every other week. The last few weeks the windmills have been turning. Their arms move so silently and gracefully and watching them brings me a sense of peace, until I have to swerve to stay on the road. I don't know if any other form of energy harvesting feels so tranquil.

This weekend we have only 12 miles to run and we are debating if we want to run Saturday morning before visiting my mother - which will reduce our energy level or on Sunday, when we'll could be tired from Saturday. Either way, I want to do a road run and know that we'll need to be out by 6:30 - the sun heats things up by 9:30 AM.

It all should be fun and I hope to have some interesting things to report on. Have a great weekend.

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