Monday, May 19, 2008

Weekend Fun

Greg and I had a lovely weekend. Saturday I woke up and decided to go to a Daily Method class. I love them, challenging while not impossible and they leave me the right amount of sore the next day.

I got back to find Greg musing over what we used to do on Saturday before the NBA playoffs started. I tried to remember, but neither of us could come up with anything. So we decided to go to the Giants game. It took all afternoon to get tickets. Greg did his sharpshooting on Craigslist and we found 2 seats in the Club section just to the 1st base side of home plate. He had never been in the Club box level and enjoyed the handy bar and short food lines. The field and bay views were fantastic, the weather was perfect and we enjoyed our evening. It took me about 2 rounds of drinks before I was yelling out encouragement to the team. Greg says that, "Good Try" isn't a good cheer, but the Giants played much of the game as if they were in little league, so I felt my parental type cheer was completely appropriate.

Sunday I stumbled out of bed knowing that i needed to let little Tsunami out. As we walked to her favorite relief spot, I was feeling how mussed up my hair was. I looked over across the street and see two young men with suit jackets, ties, shorts & running shoes. It took me a minute to remember Sunday was the Bay to Breakers. The embarcadero was mobbed with fresh & shiny young 20-somes fresh from college with silly outfits and beers in hand. As we dodged Elvis relieving himself in the bushes, we were nearly taken out by a man dressed as a cookie. All so strange that I had to go up one of the side streets. I thought we were alone until I heard some familiar beats. I had the blocks from tetris following us.

When I got back I booked my "hit-the-snooze-button-on-the-biological-clock" 4th of July trip to Minnesota. This won't be my first 4th of July in Minnesota. I remember going as a girl. This year should be fun, we're going up country to a lake, just like my mother used to do when she was a girl. She describes the water that was so clear you could see the leeches swimming by. She and I will be sharing a motel room where my crazy aunt Judy will also be staying. We elected private accommodations instead of staying at the family cabin - where my 2 cousins, their spouses & 5 children under the age of 10 will all be staying.

Once that was set, we hopped on craigslist again. Greg found fantastic tickets on the cheap. This time we were 1/2 way to 1st base about 11 rows behind the WhiteSox dug out. The sun was warm and we shared a BBQ pulled pork sandwich. The Giants played better and we were excited for them, until they lost their rally and gave up a number of runs.

That's the report.

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