Friday, February 15, 2008

The Duh of the Day

Most of the time, when I read the news, I'm learning something. Be it the latest in the Presidential race or new ways we are messing up our environment or maybe even something happy and cheery.
Today, I didn't learn much. I saw this headline:
Obesity Raises Cancer Risk
I wondered, does that really need to be a headline? We know that Obesity causes damage to the body in as many ways as the American lifestyle damages the environment. It causes pre-mature destruction of almost every system of the body. About the only good that extra fat on your body will do is if you get shipwrecked and have to survive off fat reserves.
What I don't get is how preventable it is. Don't drink soda. Don't eat fast food. Skip the chips. Unlike how we keep finding new ways Obesity messed up a body, we are also finding countless ways that vegetables are good for the body. Swapping fried chicken for a green salad will improve your health.
I say that as an totally Atkins diet fan. I feel better running on nearly all proteins. I don't have mood swings or sugar crashes. I also skip the fried meat. Go for healthier choices.

Let's hope for better headlines tomorrow.

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